The Bougie Take on Heartbreak

Heartbreak is one of the absolute most hurtful things a person can go through. But, if looked at through the right perspective, it can also be one of life’s greatest lessons. I’m no exception to the whole having your heart broken thing. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve been hurt quite a few times. Now, one of the BIGGEST things I had to realize is the difference between Heartbreak & just simply having your feelings hurt. I slowly realized that, just because my feelings were involved in a situation, didn’t necessarily mean that my heart was in it. I’ve cared about every guy I’ve ever come across and had my feelings hurt by a few of them as well. But I’ve only truly had my heartbroken by two men. And let me tell you, the lessons that came with that pain were lessons I’ll NEVER forget. Lessons I vowed that I’d pass on to my future daughter & my friends.

Randomly throughout this blog I’ll post “The Bougie Perspective” on how to heal from heartbreak. Not just from relationships but more so how to heal from ANYTHING that has caused you to hurt. All commentary is appreciated! Welcome to The Bougie Perspective.