Step 1: The Hurt

 The moment you’ve realized that you’re heartbroken is probably the most vital in how to get over being hurt. Its the moment that you’re the most vulnerable. The moment that the smallest mention of that person, or thing, can send you into emotional distress. It’s the moment when the Devil is right on your neck telling you that you deserve everything coming your way & everything thats happened to you. Trust me, I’ve been there more times than I’d personally like to admit. At this stage, the only choice you have is to accept what happened. He or she left, without so much as a decent explanation as to why they did it. They cheated, they lied to your face, they embarrassed you, they publicly humiliated you, and want you to feel like its your fault. Guess what? It’s not.

Believe it or not, there’s absolutely nothing you could’ve done to stop him or her from doing what they did. In a recent conversation with a guy I’ve known for a few years, we were talking about cheating & he said “most women think that men cheating has something to do with them. And being honest, 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t. There’s nothing that you did or didn’t do that makes us cheat”.  It makes you wonder, when he tells you “you don’t do this, or that, etc.” is it really just a cover up?

This part is the beginning of the end. Whether you choose to look at it that way or not, it is. It the beginning of the end of a situation that you didn’t need to or deserve to be in. Its the beginning of the healing process, but the beginning of the end of sadness.