The Address is your Destination.

As I’m sure most of my Houstonians have heard, the number 1 Sunday Funday spot (Social Junkie) has closed its doors. I got word of this while I was out of the country this past month & I honestly felt some type of way! If you know me & my social life, you know SJ played a HUGE part in it! From the drinks to the atmosphere, from the staff to the bathrooms basically I was an advocate for Social Junkie! But the question still remained, what now? And I honestly had NO clue what would become of Sunday funday in Houston. But all of a sudden, the answer was given, The Address is your Destination .

This past Sunday (July 30th) was their Grand Opening & let me tell you, this place is nothing short of amazing! Everything from the decor to the staff is amazing! The manager is the bomb dot com, & if you’ve ever met DeJuan while he was managing Social you know what I mean! (Shoutout to all the staff from Social Junkie that went over! Hey T boo!👋🏾💕) The food menu is significantly smaller than Social’s menu, HOWEVER, the kitchen staff MUST be the same because the food is AMAZING! So, major shoutout to them!!! “These are definitely Social Junkie fries!”- My Bestfriend Lindsey😂

The Address is pretty much broken up into 3 parts, the outside patio, the inside bar, & the event center (which is BREATHTAKING). Each area gives off a different vibe with the same music playing throughout (s/o to Dj Qholic & Mr Rodgers). There’s a pool, inside! I couldn’t find it but I’ll give an update when I do! And just like social, Sunday was a star studded event. The beautiful Berniece Burgos hosted, Slim Thug, Andre Johnson😍, and a few others showed up, just as you’d expect! The patio is

Now, don’t show up expecting a Social Junkie vibe because you honestly won’t get it! The Address gives off more of an upscale feel. From the parking to the entry you’ll understand what I mean. There’s limited seating for people unless you have bought a section, parking isn’t free, (be prepared to pay at least $20 to park) & there’s an entry fee now. But hey, you have to pay to play right!? There are DEFINITELY things that I believe could be worked out or changed but as I said, Sunday was their FIRST day open so it’s in a trial & error phase. Which is good!

The Address is located at 3333 Raleigh. Make sure to stop by & check them out! Also, follow them on instagram @theaddresshtx to keep up with all events!!