Ride or Die?

As most of the world knows, rapper Gucci Mane married the love of his life Keyshia Ka’oir a few weeks ago during a million dollar (1.7 to be exact) televised event (The Mane Event on BET). The wedding was simply breathtaking. Every crystal sparkled to perfection & not one was out of place. But as soon as the wedding was over social media was BUZZING with posts & memes about the union. “Keyshia has 3 kids she left in Jamaica!” “Why weren’t her kids there?” “Where was their finally!?” And my personal favorite, “Keyshia is the real definition of a ride or die.” because she stuck by Gucci’s side through drugs, alcohol, cheating & prison, all while in the same post, basically putting down women who leave for the same reasons. Since when did we HAVE to put up with bullshit to get a ring?

I’m all for making relationships work despite SOME imperfections, but I had no idea that in order to have you Ms. flipped to Mrs., you had to let your significant other take you through hell & back! Allow me to explain MY point.

Why would I sit back & watch the man I love throw his life away to drugs? Why would I voluntarily continue to be let down & disappointed by someone who obviously isn’t ready to settle down at that moment? I’d rather walk away & let you get yourself together on your own. Think about it, I’m CLEARLY not enough to make you want to chill out so why continue to put myself though heartache? Maybe after you get yourself together we could make something work (Maybe). But I absolutely do NOT believe in being miserable in a relationship. That’s unhealthy.

However, that seems to be what’s expected these days. People hear all these songs & see all these tv shows about having cheating, treating their partner wrong, and somehow get convinced that they should imitate that in their everyday life… NEWSFLASH!!! Half of your favorite rappers are happily married & go home to their wives every night! (Don’t let these rappers have you out here single forever lol) But in all seriousness, why is sticking around through so much pain glorified? What about the person who realized that they deserved better & moved around? What about the person that wanted better for YOU so they moved around? Why aren’t they glorified? THey’re not “ride or die” because they’re not settling for games? Maybe they just want whats best for them. Maybe, they just want to feel loved & appreciated. I don’t know about y’all, but there is no way my man could convince me that he seriously loves, adores, appreciates, and/or cherishes me if he’s continuously doing things to hurt me.

What’s your opinion?