Maybe You’re Not Ready…

This past New Years Eve, I decided to do things a little different. Now, everybody who knows me knows that NYE is almost as big as my birthday to me. I love the whole idea of dressing up, going out with friends, drinking champagne & bringing in the New Year in a big way. However, for at least 2-3 weeks leading up to NYE, I just simply was not in the mood. I had no dress picked out, no shoes, no makeup appointment set, no hair appointment or anything! What was going on?? Well, I’m pretty sure I got my answer that night. Now, I KNOW I could have pulled of some magic & made SOMETHING happen if I really wanted to go out at the last minute but, I decided to go to church instead of partying. I sat in church next to my mom laughing & singing praising the Lord for all he had done for me the past year & KNEW I had made the right decision.  My uncle (The Pastor of my dad’s Church) got up to not necessarily preach but just to talk to us. And he said something that IMMEDIATELY hit me & I literally have NOT stopped thinking about what he said to this day. “…you’ve been praying & praying for God to send you a good woman or a good man all year, & yet, everybody you’ve been dating ain’t nowhere close. Maybe its because you’re not ready for what you’ve been praying for.”- Rev. Christoper McDaniel.  Y’all, My eyes got big as idk what in church that night! It was so true… I had been through some pretty bad “situationships” & my last actual relationship was RIDICULOUSLY TRASH (well, it ended really bad but thats another story).  And here I was at the end of 2017 living my best life with a man who loves me unconditionally & doesn’t hesitate to let me know just how much he loves & appreciates me. The way I deserved to be love this whole time. But looking back, I absolutely was not ready for that in the past. I definitely thought I was but God knew best obviously.


Now, I took that quote & went home & sat on it for a month or so like “you know what? Thats not even just about him, thats about EVERYTHING!”  I’ve been looking for a new job for a while now (yes I love being a flight attendant, but sometimes you need to grow) & I’ve gotten a few no’s & I honestly started to get depressed behind it because at one point I was just SO ready to stop flying. And then I thought about it, MAYBE I’m not supposed to leave right now. A few weeks later, I finally made its to my 5th continent (South America, bucket list checked off). I’ve been wanting to get a new car forever (nothing’s wrong with mine though so we’re big chillin honestly). But it just never seems to be the right time, price, car anything. MAYBE because I’m not supposed to be focusing on that right now! Who knows.

So to my loves, my followers, my readers, my lurkers & everybody else, whether it’s that new career path you’ve been praying for, that new car, that degree, that house, that relationship, that family, or anything that you’ve been praying & praying hard for, CONTINUE!  Don’t let a “no” mess you up & make you lose focus of the goal. Take that “no” you’re given from somebody & look at it as God’s “Not right now” instead.






**If you’re in the Houston Area & looking for a small church with a BIG spirit, check out Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church (6600 St Augustine St, Houston, TX, 77021) one Sunday @ 11AM!**

*** Check out My Bogotá, Colombia pics soon!***