Chapter 27.

A few weeks ago (May 6th to be exact) I turned 27!  As I sat back & reflected on everything I’ve done & accomplished in these year I can’t help but to be extremely grateful & realize just how blessed I actually am. THANK YOU to my besties for making my “surprise” party EVERYTHING I could’ve imagined! Thank you to my love for coming up; to spend my actual birthday weekend with me sinceI had to work in Dallas. Thank you to my amazing parents for a) making me & b) for their continuous prayers over the years. God has been moving in SO MANY ways in my life & I seriously cannot thank him enough!

So here’s to Chapter 27. Let there be more smiles than tears, more love than hate, more blessings than failures, more good days than bad, more weight loss than weight gain, and last but not least, more Champagne than vodka!



Dress: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Aldo

Jewelry: Rolex & Cartier