Is Marriage Necessary?

So, the other day I came across this video my friend reposted on Facebook. The title was: Is Marriage a Necessity? It was one of those things that was either going to be really intriguing or not interesting at all (depending on your own personal perception of marriage). The video features 3 married couples (Hosted by almost everybody’s favorite internet couple, The Ellis’. Their facebook channel is Couch Conversations ) discussing the topic. Before I even watched the video, I sat and really thought about the question. The answer I came up with was yes. For myself, marriage is absolutely a necessity. Why? Because to me, theres nothing more beautiful than two people taking a vow before God and family and friends to love each other unconditionally through all aspects of life. Growing up, thats all I’ve ever really wanted to be; a wife and a mother.  Thats all I saw and admired. If there is no other role in this world I’m prepared for, its the role of being a wife. HOWEVER, after watching the video, I found myself asking a million questions. Why is there so much pressure to get married? Do most men feel pressured into engagements and marriage? How do you get past that? How are you REALLY sure this person is the one? Are they?

Now, my answer NEVER changed, marriage is absolutely necessary for me. Period. But, this video & topic was too good not to share!! Click the links in the post to watch the video (I’ll post it again below). And please, leave your comments below!!






Video: Is Marriage A Necessity?

The Ellis’ Facebook Webseries: Couch Conversations with Devale and Khadeen Ellis