Guys Need Love Too??

Let’s start 2019 off with something a little different. This year one of my really good friends decided to start her own Vlog!! SO, a few weeks ago she asked men on all her social networks “What is something guys want to know about women?” I wish I could show y’all the list of questions!! Man, I never thought men would have so many questions about women. “Why can’t y’all ever decide on something to eat?” “Why do black women hate black men?” “Why is it considered an accomplishment when a black woman ends up dating a white man?” “Why are y’all so sneaky?” The list goes on & on!

We took it upon ourselves to record ourselves for the 3rd installation in her Vlog series! Reminder, it WAS Super Bowl Sunday… so excuse the language, liquor, & hookah all up and through this video and enjoy The Life of Mars!


Note: We didn’t even answer all of the questions LOL. We’ll do part 2 soon enough!