Hanging up my Wings.

One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in life, was the decision to become a flight attendant. The decision to not only take on a new job, but a lifestyle most people only dream of. The decision to quit my job, move to Arizona, and PRAY that I passed every test so I wouldn’t fail out of flight attendant training. It’s by far been the BEST decision I’ve EVER made!

See, the thing about becoming a flight attendant is becoming something people see but don’t understand. I remember going through training for my first airline & realizing that my actual job was to save life’s & not just pass out snacks & drinks. It literally hit me like a ton of bricks on the first flight I ever worked, alone, out of training. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was sitting in my jumpseat on a CRJ 900 (1x for the regional AA & United days) and as I stared down the aisle, I thought to myself “BITCH! If this plane goes down, or some crazy shit pops off, I’m responsible for EVERYBODY back here!” Literally, my thoughts in that moment. Needless to say nothing happened on that flight though. It’s a realization that I came to learn, over the years, that goes unappreciated in so many ways.

I left that airline in January of 2016. With no real intentions of flying again. After about 2 months of not working (thank the LORD for my amazing parents), the voice of one of my instructors popped in my head:

“Once you start, it’s in your veins. You’ll never want to do anything else.” -Kathy

And she was right! I was damnnear itching to get back in the air, like a crackhead looking for a hit! So boom, the application process started again. Now, the part people don’t know is, sometimes it’s harder to get a job at another airline once you’ve already been a Flight Attendant, than it is to come in brand new. After SEVERAL no’s (just like I received in the beginning), it happened. Omni Air International gave me my “second wind”!

I flew to Atlanta for training with every intention of getting my life back. And 4 weeks later, I earned my second pair of wings. Now came the part I never thought about, how I’d manage to be gone from home for 20 days at a time.

I know a lot of you have followed my journey & my travels & seen a snippet of this lifestyle I’ve lived. Some of you have told me time & time again how you’re living through me & how proud you all are of me. And honestly, that’s probably why I didn’t hang them up a long time ago. I came to Omni with the intent of seeming the world & I’ve definitely done that & more! And you all played a part in my sticking it out longer than I had planned!

With all of the that being said, to the passenger I helped while he had a seizure, I’m glad I was able to help save you. To my absolute favorite little passenger Savani, Texas IS apart of the United States! And thank you, for being the best little flight attendant ever & turning my day around that New Years Eve! To the guy I had removed from my flight on Christmas Day that one year for almost hitting me in the face & being rude af over a damn backpack… just know I tried to put you on the “no fly list” (yes. That’s really a thing). To the itchy lady who kept telling me she wasn’t going to make it the rest of the flight, while we were in the middle of the ocean, I hope you’re doing better.

I worked my last flight as an International Flight Attendant tonight & I’m hanging up my wings for good! Or, for now😏.

💕Everybody’s Favorite FA