Computer Love.

Dating in this day & age has become ridiculously complicated. Think about it, there are so many ways in which to meet people with all the social networks, dating apps & dating services that are available to us on a daily basis. But with all of that comes the comparisons. The “#RelationshipGoals”. Now, some of said goals are amazingly accurate & are indeed something to look forward to when you find your person. But others simply praise the most simple gestures. Kisses on the forehead. Spending quality time. Sending your significant other a quick text to let them know how much they mean to you or just that you’re thinking about them. All in all, dating these days is weird honestly.

But perhaps the most entertaining aspect of using social networks to date, is sliding in someone’s DM’s. Does it work? I mean, I met my significant other in my DM’s so I guess it worked for us lol… but seriously, how does one know for sure what to say? How do you respond to crazy DM’s? Because let’s be honest, we’ve ALL had that one strange DM that had you dying of laughter!

Check out this weeks episode of The Socialitez Podcast to see how our discussion of the topic went!!