Case of the Ex.

You know that moment after a breakup when you get your “bad bitch mojo” back? That moment you remember exactly who you are and just how much you have to offer?

Come on now, we’ve all been there. The process to get there is NEVER easy, but have you ever wondered how guys move on SO fast!? It’s unbelievable isn’t it! Like, no real tears, just the next chick & then the next! Have you ever thought it was a coverup though? 👀

Are you the type to be sad & mope around for months on end? Or do you get up & on with your life? Do you believe that being friends with your ex’s is healthy? What about if your significant other was really good friends with their ex? Is that cool??

Well, check out this weeks episode of The Socialitez Podcast to find out just how WE deal with ex’s. Our opinions just might surprise you! Unless of course, YOU’RE one of our ex’s, then you already know how this goes!