Home Buying for Dummies.

Lately, it seems like at least every other day someone I know is posting on social media that they’ve purchased their first home. Is it just the people I follow? Or are y’all noticing it too? Its an amazing accomplishment & I’m over here like “how”?

So, a few months ago my significant other & I decided to start this process of buying our first home together. Now, I was totally against this at first but, after about a month of continuous discussion & compromising, we came to the conclusion that now is perfect for us! And let me tell y’all something, it’s not simple! I’ve seen a lot of single people buying their own first homes & I’m 1000% sure it’s a simple process. But adding another person & having to compromise on what the both of y’all want in the house, floor plans, builders, & the area you want to live in… STRESSFUL!

So, I will definitely be keeping you all updated with this process. I’m going to make this a mini series on here, to help out the next person stuck in the mud with purchasing a home.

In the meantime, give me your first time home buying stories in the comments!